PS3 Repairs
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Can you repair my imported PS3 in High Wycombe?

We do not repair imported PS3 units as the components are not economical to source.

Does the repair centre fix PlayStation gaming accessories?

We do not repair PS3 accessories such as controllers for High Wycombe as they are not economical to repair.

I want to change the firmware on my PS3?

The repair does not upgrade or downgrade firmware on PlayStation 3 consoles from High Wycombe.

How much are PlayStation 3 repairs for High Wycombe?

It depends upon the model and type of problem your are experiencing with your PS3.

Please call the team or use the online form for a free quote.

My PS3 keeps on crashing when I am playing games?

If your games keep on stalling or freezing when you playing games or watching blu-rays then the laser has likely worn out and it will require a replacement.

The team complete most PS3 repairs for High Wycombe within 5 working days so enqurie today for a free quote.

Area covered : High Wycombe

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This map illustrates High Wycombe. We may only cover High Wycombe area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

Sony PS3 Repair High Wycombe

Professional PS3 repair service by fully trained technicians working from a fully equipped console repair centre servicing High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

Nationwide coverage for PS3 repairs as insured collections can collect from any address in the UK including High Wycombe.

The team offer professional repairs for the infamous Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD) PS3 problem.

If you`re on planning on buying the PS4, why not fix your faulty machine so that you trade-in the device when you upgrade.

To book your PS3 repair for High Wycombe, simply call the customer service team or alternatively use the online enquiry form today. Secure collection and delivery via insured couriers will be arranged.

PlayStation 3 Repairs High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire

Whatever the problem with your PS3 in High Wycombe, fully trained technicians can offer fast and professional PlayStation 3 repairs for most models on the UK market currently.

We aim to repair your faulty PS3 within 5 working days as the console repair centre keeps large stocks of high quality parts alongside professional repair equipment.

Reliable PlayStation 3 repairs for customers in High Wycombe as the console repair centre offers a nationwide service via insured couriers who can collect and deliver your item from any address in High Wycombe.

The technicians use specialist repair equipment such as a Ball Grid Array (BGA) workstation to reball and reflow your PS3 which has the infamous yellow light of death.

As well as being YLOD repair specialists, the technicians can also help with:

• Not Turning On
• WiFi Fault
• HDMI Port Problem
• Hard Drive Problem
• Hard Drive Upgrade

These are just some of the PS3 repair services that we can offer for customers in High Wycombe.

For peace of mind, when your PlayStation 3 is returned to your home or work address in High Wycombe it will come with a warranty.

To book your PlayStation 3 repair High Wycombe, simply fill in the PS3 repairs form with your contact details and problem that you are having. Alternatively please give the team a call during business hours.

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martin has been very helpful i have been away he held back the return of my sky box until i return.

Score 4.8 out of 5

many thanks, first class service.

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great service, very helpful, very professional. collected, repaired and returned in a total of 3 days, at a very competitive price fantastic!!!!!!

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your response was quick and to the point.

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posted and they repaired my tomtom and returned it. seemless. definitely recommend trying their service.

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Recent Enquires

when a disc is inserted and the drive starts to spin it makes a low pitched noise rather than the usual higher pitched one. if the game successfully loads which in most cases it doesnt it runs very slowly and will crash at the first loading screen. when it does get to this stage the drive will make a clicking noise then the ps3 will freeze altogether.


hi port usb doesnt work.i need help asapcheers


just wondering if you would sell a metal stencil for the gpu for ps3 for reballing.


my ps3 does not turn on well it does then the light goes yellow so ive got ylod


can you downgrade a ps3


hi ps3 goes from green yellow then followed by flashing red light


i just got this old ps3 model and it overheats very quickly and is very loud when the fan gets going because it overheats.


controllers wont charge.


have reapplied thermal paste okay for a month then ylod need a price on a reball